Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ricky the Rhino

Hi. My name's Ricky Rhino and I want to travel around the world! I'm in Japan right now, but I've been to a couple of other places in the world and I want to go to a lot more! You might even be able to help me travel! This is my human friend, Kim. She's from South Carolina, USA and teaches English at the kindergarten where I live. Please join me and my sister, Ruby in our edventures!


  1. Hi. Ricky I'd love to travel with you!!

    1. Hola Maria! Are you packed? I put everything inside my magic horn, so I don't have to carry a suitcase. Where should we go? But I gotta wait until after Dottie's birthday, ok?

  2. Hi Ricky
    Where are you in this picture?
    It looks like you have a nice friend :). Does she travel with you?

  3. Hi Illya,
    I'm the cute one on the right. Kim is the cute one on the left. She took me to the airport and gave me a cookie once. I do most of the cool traveling though since Kim has to work at the kindy.

  4. Hi Ricky!
    What a wonderful idea to share your experiences!
    Where are you going next? What about Argentina?!

  5. Hello from Argentina Ricky!
    This is very far away from Japan but you would really love it!Perhaps I could try and send you some photos....

  6. What an amazing idea!! I´ve just started a similar project in Argentina. You can read about it here

    Dinosaur Rex has already visited Tucumán a province in the north of Argentina and yesterday he arrived to Misiones.

    It would be wonderful to unite Ricky and Rex :-)))